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Ludic Audio Polaris Powercord

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Ledarna är tillverkade av UP-OCC koppar. En koppar som har en renhet på 99,997% och har fått en kryogenetisk monokristalliering vid -196 grader. Detta ökar ledn

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Artikelnummer: 658
Leverantör: Ludic Audio

Ledarna är tillverkade av UP-OCC koppar. En koppar som har en renhet på 99,997% och har fått en kryogenetisk monokristalliering vid -196 grader. Detta ökar ledningsförmågan och ger ett bättre flöde av elektroner. Varje ledare har en area på 3.862mm2.

Polaris har en trippelskärming med bland annat bomull (överdragen med PTFE Teflon) och CPE. Skärmningen gör också att inte andra apparater får in störningar via luftvägen..

Hela kabeln är klädd i en läcker strupa som skyddar kabeln väl och de rejäla jordade 3-poliga EU kontakterna är guldpläterade. De har även en kärna som motverkar vibrationer och resonanser.

Följer IEC standard och har .

Ger renare ljud, med betydligt större "holografisk" ljudbild samt mer upplösning i alla register.

The Ludic Power Cables are the result of years of experience to achieve a high-quality staircase product at a price-quality level.

Manufactured with the revolutionary UP-OCC copper Drawn® with the patented OCC, which allows to obtain high purity copper single crystal structure in one direction. The purity of copper is higher than 99.997%. Cryogenic monocrystalline treatment, this particular process at a temperature of -196 ° C, provides excellent conductivity and increases the flow of electrons.

The outcome of this process results in: • more dynamics • Sophisticated and comprehensive treble • Greater coherence between the different frequency ranges • Expanded imaging in three dimensions This has created the implementation of this uncompromised power cable network according to the IEC standard.

Shield made of solid PTFE Teflon ® coated cotton without chlorine. Schuko connectors with nylon structure and bottom of glass fiber with micro-ceramic particles absorbing vibration and resonances.

Electrical connections of copper-nickel alloy. High-density triple-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection: eliminating noise and signal interference from outside electromagnetic interference (EMI) Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric for maximum signal strength: the dielectric surrounds the cable conductors and poor quality dielectric material can sap away signal strength and integrity.

The Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric maintains signal integrity and ensures a strong signal from your source to your speaker. Durablc Gold-Plated Internal Shield

The use of these power cables when used in a homogeneous chain makes clear noise-free sound and better defined, thus enhancing the entire audio range, enhancing the tonal music holographic image.


The Ludic Polaris has a multi-strand inner conductor structure with a cross-section of 3.862 mm² each, made of copper with OFC® (Oxygen Free Copper) technology and a material purity of 99.99%. Insulation and outer sheath made of chlorinated polyethylene CPE. The contact surfaces of the EU / Schuko plug (m) and the IEC / C15 coupling (w) are coated with corrosion-resistant 24k gold for loss-free transmission.

Signal conductor: copper OFC (4N) 12AWG 128 / 0.196mm
Sheathing: 15.0 ± 0.15 mm black CPE + cotton fabric
Plug:  EU version (24k gold-plated)